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Now that Colton has met all of the ladies, it’s time to start the dates and get to the second rose ceremony. Who did he send home this week?

The second episode of The Bachelor aired last night and it got off to an awkward start with some unnecessary celebrity appearances. Megan Mullaly and Nick Offerman made appearances and shared sex stories.

Demi upset some of the ladies by not only jumping off the stage and kissing Colton, but for also stealing him away while wearing a bathrobe.

Colton then went on a one-on-one with Hannah B. She spent the entire first part of the date trying to be perfect in front of the cameras. Colton wasn’t buying it and asked her to just relax and start acting like herself. She finally did and he ended up giving her a rose.

All the ladies then joined Colton on a group date at “Camp Bachelor.”

It wouldn’t be a full episode though, without a rose ceremony. This week, the following ladies were eliminated: Annie Reardon, Alex Blumberg, Angelique Sherman and Erika Mcnutt.