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UCLA gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi’s floor routine scored a perfect 10 dancing to Michael Jackson and the video is going viral!

As a former gymnast myself, this kind of stuff is amazing to watch…but I’m not the only one who is talking about it…Katelyn Ohashi from UCLA did a perfect 10 floor routine.   She used a mix of R&B music with an emphasis on Michael Jackson for the performance.   It is sooooo good!

My favorite part is when she comes out of the tumbling pass and just jumps down into the splits!

Her great floor exercise got a perfect 10 from the judges.  This is a pretty huge accomplishment for her..She’s kinda been thru a lot.   She was a member of the U.S. National team until she tore her shoulders and fractured her back. When she joined UCLA, she was in a serious car accident the night before the National Championship meet.

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