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What would you do?  I would move into a hotel….STAT!

The holidays brought an unwelcome present for a Virginia woman – more than a 100 praying mantises that had infested her Christmas tree.   I didn’t even know this was a thing!

Molly Kreuze says…wait for it….  “an egg sack was hidden in the tree’s branches hatched, and now the bugs are everywhere, “crawling on the walls, crawling on the ceilings”.   O.M.G.

This woman works as a veterinarian and said she isn’t scared – in fact she’s trying to round them all up alive and is even feeding them fruit flies.  WHAT????

She is going to give them away to people who use mantises in their gardens to keep away other pests – and says next year she’s getting a fake Christmas tree.

I would move out.  ICK!