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Every time I turn on my new Dyson Hair Dryer, my dog barks and goes crazy.

So, I got a new Dyson hair dryer for Christmas.  This thing costs like $400 and it’s soooo cool!   My dog, Louie hates it.  It really does dry my hair in about 5 minutes.  So I don’t want to get rid of it, but I don’t what it’s doing to my dog. I don’t know if there is some  high pitched sound that he can hear and it hurts his ears or what?  I kinda feel bad, but I’m not getting rid of the hair dryer!!  Watch this video I took.

I have Dyson vacuums, fans and other products and this is the only thing he barks at.  He’s never barked at my other hair dryers.  Do you have anything at home you use a lot that your dog just goes crazy over?