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You’ve found an archived version of this story. There’s a NEW free item for February 2019! Read about it here!

Also Wendy’s has jumped in and is offering a Lightning freebie too.

It was a long road trip for the Tampa Bay Lightning, but they were home tonight getting a win over the Columbus Blue Jackets. But more imporantly, you’re a winner too. The promotion continues with the Bolts and Chick-fil-A. After every home game, you have until midnight to claim your free Chick-fil-A item.

In January, the free item is a chicken biscuit or chicken sandwich!

Same steps. Get the Chick-fil-A app and make sure you give it permission to see your location (or you won’t get the deal). After a Lightning home game, open the app to claim your reward before midnight. Then redeem it at the restaurant the next day (or Monday after Saturday games).

Since the Bolts scored 4 goals tonight, you also get a free burger tomorrow from Wendy’s!

By the way, if you missed the story, there is another way to get a free breakfast item every week this month! Here’s more on that:

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