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Sarasota beach spot with driftwood next to ocean

Before you head to the beach this weekend….Red Tide is back!

Just great.  Just when we were finally able to get back to the beaches and enjoy living in Florida before all the spring breakers show up… Red tide is showing signs of coming back…as of right now, it’s only in Sarasota beaches…but it might not be for that’s the good news.

Florida Fish & Wildlife released their newest map showing high concentrations of the toxic algae bloom off Lido and Siesta beaches.

Our friend Greg Dee from ABC Action News said the on-shore south and southwest winds pushed it back to the beaches. But…. Today’s storms could help improve conditions and winds turning out of the North could blow that algae offshore…. C’mon winds!!!  I’ve never wanted to to storm so bad!

Looks like the other beaches on our coast are clear because of colder temperatures and December’s storms churning up the Gulf. This broke up the algae bloom, essentially starving it.


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