It’s that time of year again. Get the eye patch out and get ready to catch some beads. But the real skill that Gasparilla pros will tell you that you need to master is how to find a good place to park! Most of these lots will charge a max of $10 and open between 9 and 10AM.

Here are some spots not far from the parade where you can park cheap!

• Centro Ybor Garage at 5th Ave and 15th St
• Ft. Brooke Garage on Whiting St. between Franklin St. & Florida Ave.
• Palm Ave Garage at 13th St and 9th Ave
• Royal Regional Lot at Tampa St. & Fortune St.
• Tampa Convention Center Garage at Tampa St. & Brorein St.
• Whiting St. Garage on Whiting St. between Florida Ave. & Morgan St.
• Poe Garage on Ashley St. south of Cass St.
• Twiggs St. Garage on Twiggs St. west of Nebraska Ave.

If you’re going to try to find a parking meter, the ones south of Kennedy will be enforced from 8am until midnight. If you have more questions, the City of Tampa Parking Division phone number is (813) 274-8179.

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