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California becomes first state to ban pet stores from selling non-rescue or shelter animals in crackdown on cruel puppy mills.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed new regulations in his last term that went into affect yesterday (Jan 1)  The new law will mandate stores only sell stock from certified rescue groups and animal shelters.  Yeah!!!  Clap, Clap, Clap

The regulation targets the practice of some retailers who reportedly sell pets from inhumane, unethical breeders.   The American Kennel Club calls the new law the work of ‘anti-breeder animal rights extremists’

The new law, AB485, requires that stores keep records for each animal and post signage listing the shelter from which each animal was received.

A pet store operator can be fined $500 if found in violation of the new law.

I really hope that other states will follow the same rules.  Hello Florida???  Lets get on this!

I love this.  It’s about time that people are finally going to start the process of puppy mills.  It breaks my heart, I can’t even think about it.