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January 2019 Update:

Some good news if you miss those mini doughnuts! The South Tampa location has reopened! The St. Pete one has not though. The money and managing rights fights continue behind the scenes, according to the Tampa Bay Times. It sounds like the St. Pete location won’t open anytime soon. The article says the employees there have quit and they are in a retail space that requires them to be open – they can only close 10 days a year. The Times reports though that the outgoing voicemail message for one of the investors says St. Pete will reopen “soon.”

Original story from December 30, 2018:
Sorry doughnut lovers! 2018 had one last cruel thing to throw at us. Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that the Mini Doughnut Factory has closed both of its locations in Tampa and St. Pete. A message on the company’s website confirms the news: “We doughnut want to kill your vibe, but we are temporarily closed. For further questions, please contact: 813-434-6741 or”

There seems to be some sort of legal mess to blame. TBBJ says investors and owners are in some kind of dispute over money. The article also says a Chicago company sued for trademark infringement earlier this year.

Welp. I guess this might help keep New Year’s Resolutions? I’m bummed. I loved the place! Hopefully they find a way to re-open. I have to think somehow it will. The place was always packed. –Geno

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