Some guy from Polk County has been driving around posing as a cop, according to 38 year old Jesus Ledesma has been arrested and charged with using credit cards from victims he pulled over. But police think there’s another suspect still on the loose.

They found a police light bar that they think was the same one stolen this month. If you were pulled over by a silver SUV or saw them pull someone else over, police would like to hear from you. They say the first incident was in Brandon. The suspects pulled a driver over and asked for the driver’s license and registration. The driver wasn’t buying it and asked to see some ID from the fake cops. That’s when the fake cops pulled out a gun and stole the driver’s wallet. A similar incident happened in Dover.

They caught Ledesma at a Plant City gas station. They’ve got some surveillance footage, but they still would like any info the public has. If you saw these guys, call (813) 247-8200.

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