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It was disliked so much that Instagram scrapped it before I finished this article! But everyone was talking about the change to the way you navigate through pictures after an Instagram update this morning.

Users this morning woke up finding that to go from photo to photo, you scroll left and right, instead of the old way of up and down. (First world problems right?) As small as the change is, “Old Instagram” and “New Instagram” are still 2 of the top 10 trending stories on the Tampa Twitter feed this morning.

The reaction was quick and negative. Even Luke Combs hated it!

The backlash was so bad Instagram ditched the update so you might have missed the “new Instagram” experience altogether. For those who DID update their app, the new new Instagram is the old Instagram. Some reports say the update was just a test for a few to see, but it accidentally got rolled out beyond the sample size they planned. But a tweet below from Instagram infers it was just a glitch altogether. –Geno


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