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Nothing annoys Florida drivers like those who drive slowly in the left lane. Sure it’s frustrating. It slows down traffic. But is it illegal?

What’s the official answer? Is it illegal?
Yes! In fact, it’s a $161 ticket and you get 3 points on your driving record! (Of course, that’s up to the officer.) Look up Florida Statute 316.081 Subsection 3. If you have a road that has 2 or more lanes, you can’t operate a vehicle in the left lane except to pass. And that goes for ANY Florida road, not just highways. The one exception? You can stay in the left lane if you’re about to turn left.

What if you’re doing the maximum speed limit?
REGARDLESS of the speed of the vehicle behind you, you must move over. That doesn’t mean they can legally speed. But you can’t be the pace car. If someone is speeding, you’re in the wrong if you stay in the left lane if they are behind you and you’re in the left lane and are not passing someone.

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