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Take a sneak peek inside this holiday party thrown by Facebook!

Have you had your work Christmas party yet?

We had ours… I didn’t make it tho… but I heard it was nice.  Great location near water and we all got appetizers and 2 free drinks.

I guess Facebook went all out this year and had a Two-day event in San Francisco!!!  You should see this party they had for their employees… ice sculptures, a marching band, elves, and a lot of dancing!

Facebook rented out some place called the Palace of Fine Arts, where a single night’s rental has been known to cost a whopping $300,000

What they are guessing is that the 12,000 employees working at Facebook… they likely spent between $1.2million-$1.8million on food and drink alone, at the current going rate of $100-$150 per person.

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