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Straws, plastic bags, styrofoam are all ruining our environment in Florida so the city is doing away with them.

If you care about our state and the environment, then you will find a way to live without these things.  There is soooo much garbage in the Bay and in the Gulf.  I live and work in St. Pete, so I’m way good with all of this.  I just better see other counties following Pinellas.

The city council passed an ordinance Thursday night 5-2 banning single use plastic straws.

Styrofoam is no longer allowed on city property – including foam cups or take out containers.

The ordinance gives businesses just one year to transition.

I eat a lot of  take out, so I guess they will use more paper and aluminum?

Right now if you go to a restaurant, you can only get a straw if you request one.

The primary goal is to cut down on waste that is ending up in the Bay and Gulf.

The other interesting thing that came out of the meeting?  A 5 cent fee for every plastic bag taken from a store or restaurant.

Holy crap… what is Publix going to do?  I buy 5 things and come home with 7 bags.

The straw thing I can probably manage.  It just grosses me out cuz i know restaurants don’t clean their rims to their glasses like I do.

Oh…. and if you DON’T RECYCLE by now????  SHAME ON YOU!  That should be something you do by now.

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