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When a band reaches a certain level of success, inevitably the haters will hate. I remember when Florida Georgia Line was playing little bars around Tampa 7 or 8 years ago for QYK, they created a small but rabid fan base from their live performances. They didn’t have any big hit songs yet, but you knew they were destined to change that. Then “Cruise” happened.

Now in 2018, they churn out one hit after another and sure enough, the group has plenty of detractors who say they’re not country. I’ve gone off on this on my podcast a few times. Some people don’t want to accept that country music doesn’t have to all sound the same. Variety isn’t a bad thing people. Some country leans blues. Some leans R&B. Some leans rock. Some leans old school. Some has pop appeal. There’s room for it all.

With millions of albums sold, countless sold-out concerts and awards for days (including Grammy nominations for 2019), FGL is ready to release their 4th album. Their latest single “Talk You Out Of It,” is one of the most requested songs this week on 99.5 QYK. The funny thing is… even the “haters” are liking this song. They didn’t care for “Simple” or “Meant To Be,” but this one seems to be winning them over.

The name of the new album will surely rile them up. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley chose “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country.” Love it! Troll those trolls! It’ll be out February 15.