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I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long!  Ticket to L.A. in stores today!

I love Brett Young and I’m so excited that his new album Ticket to L.A. finally arrives today.

Bret said he called it  Ticket to L.A. for a reason:  “I decided to name the album Ticket to L.A. because flying home to Los Angeles has become such a big part of my life,”  “A lot of the first record reflected a kind of hard point in my life when I was moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, but I’m in a completely different place now. I’m so happy, and I think you can really hear that shift on the new record.”

Brett  had a hand in writing 10 of the 13 tracks along with songwriting greats Shane McAnally, Charles Kelly and more.

There is one collaboration with pop artist Gavin DeGraw.   DeGraw also co-wrote the song “Chapters.”

Brett Young, Ticket to L.A. Track Listing:

1. “Ticket to L.A.” (Brett Young, Zach Crowell, Jon Nite)
2. “Here Tonight” (Young, Ben Caver, Justin Ebach, Charles Kelley)
3. “Catch” (Young, Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley)
4. “1-2-3-Mississippi” (Young, Ebach, Nite)
5. “Let It Be Mine” (Copperman, Shane McAnally, Nite)
6. “Where You Want Me” (Young, Jessie Jo Dillon, McAnally)
7. “Used to Missin’ You” (Young, Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
8. “Change Your Name” (Copperman, Matt Jenkins, Nite)
9. “Chapters” (Feat. Gavin DeGraw) (Young, Copperman, Gavin DeGraw)
10. “The Ship and the Bottle” (Nicolle Galyon, Chase McGill, Nite)
11. “Reason to Stay” (Young, Nite, Robbins, Emily Warren)
12. “Runnin’ Away From Home” (Young, Crowell, Hillary Lindsey)
13. “Don’t Wanna Write This Song” (Young, Crowell, Sean McConnell)

I already love the title track to this song!  Check it out!