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The predictable reaction to the XFL’s press conference today was all over social media. People posting it’ll fail because it did the first time.  People posting how the players will be terrible.  People posting how nobody will care.

Go ahead.  Be predictable and echo what everyone else is saying without doing your homework.  Go ahead. Count Vince McMahon out like I did a bunch of times since my childhood.  Guess what? He wins.  He studies.  He researches.  He learns from mistakes.

You don’t think during those 20 years since the first XFL he hasn’t looked back at what he should have done differently?  You don’t think the market analysis and research has been done?  You don’t think all of the major market cities, investors, venues and politicians are behind him for a reason?  Then you don’t know Vince McMahon.  So go ahead. Crap all over the XFL before you’ve even seen it.

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