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The NFL wants to change how punts work and they are asking for ideas from the fans.

The NFL would like to change how punts work, and taking about changing for next season, they just don’t know what to do…. Do you?

Before this season, concussions were five times more likely to occur on kickoffs than the average run or pass play, making it the most dangerous play in the game.  Punts are next on that list, causing twice as many concussions as the average play.

They made some changes to kickoffs this season, including eliminating running starts by the kicking team and making new rules for blocking, and it has helped.  Now, they’re moving on to punts . . . and in addition to making them safer, they’d like to reduce the penalties, since it’s the most penalized play in football.

Do you have any  ideas?  Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to reach out to the fans and get ideas.  If you  have one… please chime in.. they need help.

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