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The great thing about social media is it’s a way for fans to connect to artists in a way they never could before. The bad thing about social media is it’s a way for fans to connect to artists in a way they never could before.

I often talk about how country artists, probably more than any other music genre, are super-tuned in to their fans. They go out of their way to meet them in person and interact with them online. That said, if you’re going to tag your favorite artist, be ready for them to respond. Very few country artists use hired help to field their questions.

This fan was irate at Luke Combs over the cost of a ticket to his concert. What this fan didn’t do was think about WHERE she was buying this ticket. I’ll let Luke take it from here!

Brianne made her tweet private so you can’t see it now. She asked Luke Combs in accusatory way why he’s charging over $700 for tickets to his concert. It included a screenshot of an ordering screen to some scalper website that wanted 6 times the face value of the ticket. She tweeted and tagged Luke Combs: “So Luke…why?” Luke replied that she is buying from re-sellers and that he only charged $50 per ticket.

Looks like some gave Luke a hard time about being rude to her. He followed up with the tweet below. I don’t think he was out of line, do you? –Geno

My tips to avoid having to pay scalpers for overpriced tickets:

  • Follow your favorite artists on social media and set alerts for when they post so you don’t miss them. Tweets and Facebook posts can get buried in your feed.  That way you’ll have plenty of advance notice before tickets go on sale.
  • Sign up for QYK emails or join your favorite artist’s fan club.  Often you’ll get a presale code so you can buy tickets before the general public.
  • On ticket on sale day, recruit some help.  For A-list acts like Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, etc… you’re going to be competing against tens of thousands of fans and scalpers for tickets.  There is strength in numbers.  Have family members or friends log in from their computer.  If they get through before you, have them call or FaceTime!

Now let’s lighten the mood! If you missed the Luke Combs clip with Michael Ray, it’s hilarious!

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