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One case had $5. One had $750,000. If you saw the Deal or No Deal holiday special the other night, you know what happened next. You saw one of the most jaw-dropping moments on a game show ever. And TMZ reports there is still some discord in the family after he made the decision to risk losing the bank offer of over $300,000.

The guy tells TMZ his game plan going into the show was that he was going to take case 10 to the end no matter what. He stuck to his guns and walked away with a $5 bill.

Since the show was taped, it’s interesting to see how this moment has changed his life in one way for the better … and in one way, not so much. He says his wife has stood by him, knowing this was his strategy from the get go. And her standing by him after risking and losing a life-changing amount of money has made their bond even stronger.

Apparently it’s a different story altogether with his mother. Mom is still “really upset.” He told TMZ it’s a good thing her mic wasn’t on. At least he can look on the brightside: he doesn’t have to claim his winnings on his taxes. –Geno

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