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If you are in a relationship and you’re not getting along…you’re not alone.

Tis the season!!  I thought Christmas was supposed to be joyous and full of fun??

Two new surveys on holiday stress just came out.  They found 88% of us find the holidays stressful.  And for people who have to travel, it’s 98%.

The average couple will get in 7 holiday-related fights this year.  The most common things we fight about are where to spend the holidays, and how much to spend on gifts and whether to get a real tree or a fake tree!

The most stressful things about this time of year are buying presents, managing your budget, cooking, prepping the house for guests and cleaning up before and after you have people over.

I know this time of year is stressful, but wow…some of these things aren’t worth ruining your day over.  smh

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