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Don’t want co-workers to see that wild night out in Ybor or those sexy pics you took at Clearwater Beach?

I didn’t even notice this new feature (and haven’t seen it in my app), but apparently Instagram quietly added it recently. Have a photo you want to post but you don’t really want ALL of your “friends” to see it? We all tend to add random people over time. Some photos are too personal to share with just anyone. And now you can separate your followers so that only “close friends” see posts you don’t want the whole world to see.

To do it, make a list of those close friends within the Instagram app. Then when you post it to your story, you’ll see the option to make it so they are the only ones who see it. Keep in mind anyone you add to the “close friends” list will get an alert they are on it.

This is a neat compromise instead of just making your entire Instagram account private. BUT I could also see one BIG problem! What if you leave one of your friends off the list and a friend who’s DID make the close friends list talks about a photo you didn’t make public?

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