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One of the biggest pet peeves about Florida drivers is when they turn on their hazard lights because its raining.

It rains a lot in Florida.  Sometimes those rain storms are really bad, especially during hurricane season, but there is no reason to drive with your hazard lights on.  As a matter of fact, it’s illegal.


According to report,  turn signals and hazard signals are considered communication devices. Hazard lights alert troopers and other motorists that there’s a crash or broken-down car ahead. When drivers are simply communicating “it’s rainy” it sends the wrong message to other motorists, as well as law enforcement officers.  Also because hazard lights override your vehicle’s turn signals, you’re potentially putting yourself and others in danger.

“If you’re going to be signaling ‘I’m going to turn left or right at this intersection,’ or ‘I’m going to change lanes,’ you’re not able to communicate effectively to other drivers. And, if there’s a crash, you can he held responsible for it.

So… don’t do it.  leave the hazards off unless you are on the side of the road broke down.