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Oakland University outside Detroit has an interesting plan for an active shooter.

So…. what do you think of this?   Oakland University which is outside of Detroit is handing out  HOCKEY pucks for students and teachers and keep themselves safe.  Teachers and students can throw them at the shooter.  The school’s head cop and one of its professors came up with the idea.

Is this a good idea?

They say since they are heavy and small enough to carry in backpacks or in your pocket, it would be a good idea and can do some harm if you threw it at a gunman.  Either hurt him or distract him.

So the kids have to walk around with a Hockey puck in their pockets and purse/backpack all day?  Uh. I’m not sure that would fly with me.

800 faculty members have received pucks and an additional 1,700 will be distributed to students.  Would you carry around a hockey puck all day?

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