It happened to me last week. I flew from Tampa to Portland, Maine non-stop. The route was JUST added a week or two ago. I hated having to fly through New York or Atlanta airports. So this was GREAT! And I got a steal for my Thanksgiving flight to see my family. the introductory fare was under $100 round trip! (By the way, you can still get that rate for some December flights.) The catch? Frontier is one of those airlines that gives you the low base fare, but things like a Coke or picking your seat? That costs extra. Well I’m cheap. And sure enough, I got it… the worst seat on the plane: the MIDDLE seat! I’m 6’4 and a big boy. This was a 3 hour flight. I know I know. First world problems.

It’s that seat nobody wants. You can’t look out the window. Yet you still have to bug the aisle seat passenger if you want to get up. Well a new plane coming in 2 years will do away with it. The Embraer E2 aircraft promises you will never have to worry about being wedged on a flight again. The planes will only have window and aisle seats.

They’ll also have bigger windows and more overhead space. Skywest is getting them first. They do regional routes for Delta, American, United, and Alaska. No word yet if Tampa International will get this plane.

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