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A couple went to a mall in Port Charlotte and they believe they got bed bugs from the mall.  They noticed the bed bugs at their house after buying a pair of jeans.

They don’t know where the bed bugs came from, but they didn’t notice any until they wore the jeans.  Matthew Nystrom, the owner of the jeans, also found a bed bug attached to his leg.  He said, “Pulling it out of my leg was like…I better not tell my wife or she’s gonna freak out.”

His wife says, “I pulled the one pair that were in there out and I just unfolded it. And there was one sitting right there.”  They had the house exterminated.

Pest specialist Randy Wells tells us how to get rid of bed bugs, “Pretty much anything that you can throw in a dryer that you think has bed bugs or the like, just put it in at high heat on a cycle and that’ll kill the bedbugs. And again call a pest professional for a thorough inspection.”

Other customers of the Port Charlotte Town Center have complained about finding bed bugs and the mall’s general manager said she is aware of the comments.