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Season Premiere | Return to Amish

The journey of a lifetime starts now! Tune in to the season premiere of #ReturntoAmish Sunday at 10/9c.

Posted by Breaking Amish on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

It’s back! The show that never goes away. And unfortunately I hope it never does. I’m hooked on this dumb show and have been for years. Return to Amish is back again tonight on TLC, but there are some notable absences this year.

Congratulations to Abe and Rebecca on the birth of their new baby girl! Both mom and daughter are doing great. And congratulations to Kayla on becoming a big sister!

Posted by Breaking Amish on Friday, January 17, 2014

The biggest question fans will certainly have is … “Where are Abe and Rebecca?” The two have been the focal point of the show since it began. But they tell Starcasm that they’ve had enough and want a normal life. Rebecca says she got that GED after all and the couple plans to focus on a private life with their kids.

Abe’s mother Mary will reportedly be featured on the show trying to get back in with the Amish. She was shunned in previous seasons for participating in the show and living a not-so-Amish life. She grew to love vodka and even was on Twitter at one point.

The only other familiar faces we’ll see are Sabrina who, as usual, gets in fights with Jeremiah. And apparently after leaving him temporarily, Carmella is back with Jeremiah. But from previews, looks like they are still having issues. This season they’ll be showing their Amish Donut business.

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Another face you won’t likely see is Kate Stoltz. She’s still pursuing her fashion career and has distanced herself from the show. She disappeared from the show a while ago and her last appearances on camera looked pretty uncomfortable as others on the show criticized her for not staying in touch.