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It’s gotta be a tough life when you’re a fired pro wrestler. If a baseball team fires you, you can just go to another one. But in pro wrestling, there’s pretty much the WWE and that’s it. So when former WWE wrestler Enzo Amore was let go some time back, he probably didn’t have many career options. According to his Twitter, it looks like he’s pursuing a career in music.

Tonight, it looks like he hoped for one last moment of glory in WWE. He pulled off the most Michael Scott move ever. He bought a ticket and attended the World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view event Survivor Series. He smartly positioned himself to be view of the “hard cameras” that shoot the action in the ring. He snuck to his seat in disguise and waited for the right moment. He then ditched the costume and jumped on his chair and started reciting all of his catch phrases from the days when he was gainfully employed by WWE. It didn’t last long. Building security quickly showed him out of the arena as the crowd booed. He should’ve had a Dwight Schrute with him to fend off security.

The guy’s real name is Eric Arndt. Forbes magazine says he was fired earlier this year due to rape allegations. Arndt denied the accusations and tweeted that Phoenix police told him there was insufficient evidence to pursue any charges.

He apparently didn’t get roughed up too badly by security. He just tweeted these messages along with a plug for his new music:

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