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Making your plans for a night out for the weekend? It’s always smart to start here. Friday nights we bring you the weekly report from inspectors checking in on local Tampa Bay restaurants. Keep in mind, just like where you work, we can all have a bad day so hopefully these places will clean up their act.

My favorite place to pregame before heading to the Trop for a Rays game tops this week’s list with 40 violations. Channel 8 reports that Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grille had roach activity. They also say the walls really need a cleaning. Inspectors say there was a lot of accumulated grease and food on them. Since the bar is so open in its design, I can see how they could have pest issues (beyond the drunken out of town fans). Although they had the most violations on this week’s report, I can’t say this will deter me from going.

Just behind Ferg’s this week was Latin Grill in Brandon with 39 violations. Their problems were mostly food temperature storage related. Inspectors say they saw one worker cracking eggs and then prepared plates without washing their hands. The place has decent, but not great, reviews on Yelp. People really seem to like their breakfasts.

Other restaurants with 20 or more violations this week:

  • Senor Taco in Pinellas Park (32 violations)
  • La Giraldilla Hanley in Tampa (28 violations)
  • Pinellas Grill in Pinellas Park (27 violations)
  • Open Café in Tampa (27 violations)

If you missed it, here’s last week’s report.

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