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I hate driving to Orlando. I-4 traffic. Tourists driving rental cars they don’t know on roads they don’t know. It’s a nightmare. But Tampa does not have a Shake Shack yet. Mall at University Town Center in Sarasota is getting one. But Tampa Bay is Shake Shack free. And I just got word my favorite milkshake I’ve ever had is back as of yesterday.

Shake Shack locations on November 13 brought back the holiday shakes. They disappear January 2, 2019. The one worth filling your gas tank for is the Christmas Cookie Milkshake. I first had one in New York City on vacation. I had 2 more that week it was so good. It’s a sugar cookie flavor that’s buttery, sugary awesomeness. And the red and green cookie sprinkles are a neat touch.

Shake Shack burgers are good too. But it’s really all about that shake. Now to tease you even more, here are more photos from other fans.

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