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The internet went crazy with this story about the guy who stole beer in the U.K. that looked like David Schwimmer!

Update to this story:  They caught the guy!

U.K police said they’ve identified the “Ross Geller” lookalike from back in September.  They actually questioned David Schwimmer because of the resemblance, but he had a solid alibi.

Well, with everyone knowing about this story, I’m sure the lookalike couldn’t walk around in public without people wondering…police caught him and arrested him for stealing beer from the restaurant.

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Doesn’t this guy look like David Schwimmer?  He is the actor who played Ross on Friends.

“Friends” fans are flooding British police with funny comments after officers released an image of a robbery suspect with a striking resemblance to Ross Geller.

They are writing famous quotes from the TV show’s Theme song:  “It’s not been his day, his month or even his year,”
“I heard his getaway driver was stuck in 2nd gear,”

The original post generated more than 100,000 comments and has been shared more than 65,000 times…

I mean… come on!  Police did confirm that Ross was in American during this robbery, so it isn’t Ross.   Too funny

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