Wow. We’re still drying our eyes after hearing Garth Brooks’ latest song, “Stronger Than Me.”

As promised, Garth debuted the song, dedicated to his wife, Trisha Yearwood, at the CMA Awards.

As Trisha and the entire crowd looked on, Garth delivered so many emotions — All during the course of one song.

By the end, Trisha, Garth, and most everyone in the crowd were teary eyed.

Lines such as “The fact you’re unafraid to let your emotions show, just means you’re stronger than me,” and “If I had a choice, I’d pray that God takes me first, ’cause you’re stronger than me,” beautifully captivates the love and admiration Garth has for his wife.

We are so thankful the Country Music Association had a change of heart and allowed Brooks to perform the song during the award show.

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