No. Wait. Let me finish.

Dierks is calling it quits as head of Nashville Airport’s Board of Directors. I know. I know. You hate me now. 🙂

The Tennesean reports Dierks has tendered his resignation at the Metro Nashville Airport Authority. All kidding aside, it’s actually kind of serious. They wanted Dierks to surrender emails and text messages because of a lawsuit a former CEO is filing. Dierks was appointed by the Mayor of Nashville to the position last year. He apparently missed a few meetings (gee, I wonder why) and in his resignation, he apologizes for letting down his fellow board members.

The accusation that Dierks is resigning over some incident where he might have been drunk on a plane is totally fake news.

And now for some more Dierks fun, check out this gallery of photos from way back in the day from the QYK archives!

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