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Are you buying full length albums or downloading singles only?

Interesting article in Rollingstone about how album sales are really dying.  Of course I clicked on it because I love listening to full length albums but this article says that I may be in a small group of people.  Everyone is just downloading singles they like and skipping out on the entire album.

That’s not good for the business I am in.

Overall album sales for downloads, CDs, and vinyl plummeted by 25.8% in the first half of this year, when compared with the first half of last year.

If that decline holds for the rest of the year, and it probably will, sales in 2018 will end up at half the size of what they were as recently as 2015…. yikes!

Artists know that peoples listening habits have changed and they have already started embracing this… Rascal Flats just announced that their days of cutting full albums might be behind them, they weren’t planning any just yet.

Curious.. do you still buy full length albums or just singles?

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