From how Cam uses The Muppets do deal with hecklers to her connection to Tom Jones. It all came up in my backstage interview at Guitar Pull.

Tampa Bay waited to see Cam for what seems like years. She had to pull out of her Florida Strawberry Festival performance this year when her schedule conflicted with an appearance on American Idol. But the wait finally ended November 7 when she blew the audience away at The QYK Guitar Pull.

Cam got the first enormous laugh of the night when she introduced herself. She was the only female on stage this year so she said she needed to balance out “all that Axe body spray up here.” She said something else that I’m sure the seat ushers at The Mahaffey have probably never heard on stage. But we’ll leave that moment just for those who were in attendance that night. If you missed it, this is why you need to snag a Guitar Pull ticket. As they said in the Tampa Bay Times, “Tampa Bay welcomes lots of country music concerts, but none stand out more than the 99.5 QYK Guitar Pull.”

Before she took the stage, Cam sat down with me to talk about anything and everything. And we learned a lot, including:

  • She’s one of those weirdos who decorates for Christmas in June
  • She uses the Muppets to deal hecklers
  • Sharing a stage with Tom Jones and Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • How country music translates in Europe
  • How she almost made me cry on the radio for the first time in 25 years on the air

Cam’s performance made jaws drop, including mine. One of my Instagram friends put it best: “How is that voice even possible?”

Thanks to all who joined us at The Mahaffey Theater. Already looking forward to next year!

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