There’s always so much hype about Black Friday deals, it’s easy to get caught up and make a bad purchase. Not all deals are deals. Your best move is to first check a site that I visit often: Here are 5 deals they say are worth your attention.

#1: A 55″ 4K TV for $248
They predicted Black Friday deals might hit the $250 price point and they did. In fact, knock another $2 off. It’s not a Sony but with TVs these days, there often isn’t much difference between the name brands and the bargain ones!

#2: HP Laptop for $159
This is the HP Stream 11. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but if you’re just web surfing, checking email and doing light computer work on the go, they say this is a great price for a HP laptop.

#3: Apple Products
Apple deals don’t come along often. Apple is very controlling on what retailers can charge. The way Walmart gets around that is by throwing in a gift card. You’re actually paying the same price for the Apple product, but you’re getting big store credits. You’ll be able to get an iPad for $249 or the iPhone 8 will come with a $400 Walmart gift card. The iPhone XS will include a $300 Walmart gift card.

#4: Xbox One X for $399
That’s $100 off. Walmart is probably hoping you’ll buy more than just the console. They will most certainly place plenty of games you can buy nearby.

#5: Stanley & Black + Decker 85 Piece Drill Kit for $69
This tool kit has 32 hand tools, 51 power tool attachments. This looks to be about 30% off.

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