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Oprah Winfrey Released Her 2018 List Of "Favorite Things"

They would be my favorite things too, if I made the kind of money she makes!

Oprah released her Favorite Things yesterday... she does this every year, and she's usually cool about not loading it with a bunch of stuff you can't afford... this year...not so sure.  I wouldn't pay this much for a lot of these picks.

There are 107 items that include:

$199 foot massager

$168 adult onesie

$78 mittens

$144 fingerless gloves

$498 "bamboo bedding bundle"

$249 "smart" picture frame

$198 pitcher

$1,850 bike

$149 pet blanket

$199 dog DNA test

If you want to see the entire

There's a special section even on Amazon where you can find a lot of these things.  Some of the items have been discounted and the link to Oprah's site has discount codes for some of the other stuff.