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In another sign of the times for retail, Lowe’s is closing 51 North American stores.

What?  this is crazy?  I shop at Lowes all the time and it’s usually busy inside… but I guess it’s not like that everywhere because Lowe’s just announced they are shutting down 51 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The reason?  some of those closing locations are underperforming.  Some of these stores they said are within 10 miles of another Lowes…so that could be why.   20 stores will be closed in the States and 31 will be shuttered in Canada.  I looked and no stores in Florida are on the list.  They did report that they are having a tough time competing with Home Depot.

The closings are scheduled to happen before February 2019. Lowe’s said they would try to find jobs for displaced workers at nearby Lowe’s locations if they can.

Do you shop at Lowes or Home Depot?
Read more HERE and see the list of stores closing in the U.S.