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Coffee may not be all that great for kids, but who’s call should it be when it comes to if they can have it or not?

I hate coffee.  Never drank it, nor will I ever.  I remember when I was younger trying my parents coffee and I dumped so much milk and sugar in it, it just tasted like hot sugar milk.  They didn’t have coffee places all over Prior Lake, Minnesota where I grew up, so we never had to deal with this… but parents now have to.  Should your kids under 16 be able to drink coffee?  A chain in the U.K. says nope.

It’s called Costa Coffee and they are pretty huge over there…they have more than 2,400 stores across the UK.  They just announced that if they want to ban kids under 16, they can, it’s up to individual branch to decide whether to serve caffeine to children.

There is no policy banning children from buying coffee but Costa says it ‘does not encourage’ it.

Lots of places are even banning energy drinks to kids.

What’s your thoughts on this?   Personally, I’m way ok with banning kids from drinking coffee.  Ban the energy drinks and soda too.  Health reasons, they are still developing and caffeine isn’t good for you.. in addition to all the sugars and bad stuff they eat.   Kids can’t be responsible enough to regulate their coffee/sugar intake.  I’m all for this.

This is an old post.. but I thought it was good.