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Instead of sitting in a conference room or office, this man decided to have meetings while he walks.  He’s healthier and lost 40lbs

What a great idea!  I’m totally going to steal this.  We live in a place where the weather is beautiful right now, so why don’t get out and have a meeting with a co-worker instead of sitting in an office or conference room?

A few years ago, Terry Myerson had a high-powered job at Microsoft that was stressing him out. Things got so bad that he gained a bunch of weight and even considered quitting because he was worried about his health.

But instead of quitting, Terry started scheduling “walking meetings.”

His team would meet outside — rain or shine — and take care of their business while walking. It became a source of pride for the team and led to some amazing results.

Terry reclaimed his health. He lost 40 pounds and recently completed a 70-mile race consisting of an open-water swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a 13-mile run.

And yes, he still got his work done during the meetings.  His staff actually enjoyed meetings with the boss

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