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When Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle it caused a lot of destruction, but it also uncovered a shipwreck that sunk during a hurricane in 1899.

15 ships washed ashore on Dog Island, in Franklin County, during a hurricane in 1899 and lay grounded on the barrier island for 119 years until Hurricane Michael hit the area.

“They’ve been mostly stationary since 1899 when they were wrecked in a hurricane,” Florida Department of State spokeswoman Sarah Revell told USA Today of the ships. “From time to time, some parts of the site have become exposed.”

There are no immediate plans to revisit the site, “These wrecks have been mapped and investigated scientifically multiple times in the past,” Revell said.

“We may visit the site in the near future with some of our partners if it has not been covered up by sand again,” she added.

A little Dog Island history revealed by Hurricane Michael.Photo Credit: Andrew SmithThank you for sharing!!

Posted by Carrabelle Boat Club on Saturday, October 13, 2018