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My facebook feed started filling up with 3D pictures of pets!  Wow.. this is cool… but how do you use it?

Have you see the new 3D Photos for iPhone users?

This is straight from the Facebook 360 page:  You need to like it on FB

Today we’re starting to roll out 3D photos in both News Feed and VR. 3D photos bring scenes to life with depth and movement. Simply take a photo in Portrait mode using your compatible dual-lens smartphone, then share as a 3D photo on Facebook where you can scroll, pan and tilt to see the photo in realistic 3D.

Everyone will be able to see 3D photos in News Feed and VR today, and the ability to create and post 3D photos starts rolling out today to some users, and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. Learn more here:

My friend tried it out and it is really cool!

Trying out this new 3D photo thing. It’s pretty cool!

Posted by Rachel Pitts on Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Some guy found a way for everyone to use it…. Try this if you have issues

To add 3D Photos to Facebook on your iPhone

  1. Launch the Facebook App
  2. “Like” the Facebook 360 Page on Facebook (this is the trick!).
  3. Force Quit the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  4. Relaunch Facebook and create a new post. You’ll see the “3D Photo” option in the list of things you can add to your post.

Facebook will only use portrait mode photos for its 3D Photos option. Portrait Mode is currently supported by the Camera app on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Now you can post 3D Photos from your iPhone… This is soooo cool!!

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