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Mega Millions has become, MEGA BILLION!  After no Jackpot winner on Friday night, the jackpot figure soared to 1.6 Billion, and will climb even higher, a record, and just a flat-out lot of money!  At some point, someone, or a group of someones’, are going to have a life-changing moment.

I started checking out Mega Millions’ winning history by state.  A pessimist would say that Florida in not a lucky Mega-Millions spot, I just look at it as FLORIDA IS DUE A JACKPOT WINNER!
ABC News tallied the states who have the most Mega Jackpot Winners:
New York: 35
California: 30
New Jersey: 20
Ohio: 19
Michigan: 17
Could be worse, there are 6 states that don’t even participate in Mega Millions:
We’re due Florida, right?
Good Luck!