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A Stunning Image From Luke Bryan's Mother's House In Mexico Beach

As they continue to dig and clean up in Mexico Beach, over a week later photographers are still capturing heart-stopping images. As a country fan, this one stopped everything going on in my day for a minute. It's irony in its purest sense. Rain does help us live. But it can be deadly too.

Luke Bryan's mother returned to her home in Mexico Beach to see the devastation left behind by Hurricane Michael. (Here are the rest of the photos.) As fortunate as she is to have a son like Luke who can offer help and support, it's still heartbreaking to see her destroyed home and this image of a framed copy of "Rain Is A Good Thing" shattered on the floor is one I'll never forget.

I hope you can join us Monday at USF at the Yuengling Center as we gather supplies and fill trucks that will head to the Panhandle shortly after 1pm. Here are the details and items they're specifically looking for.

MEXICO BEACH, FL - OCTOBER 19: A framed momento from her son's music career lays broken on the floor of the home of LeClaire Bryan, mother of country music artist Luke Bryan, after it was severely damaged by Hurricane Michael on October 19, 2018 in Mexico Beach, Florida. Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle on October 10, as a category 4 storm causing massive damage and claiming over 30 lives. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan's Mother Returns To Mexico Beach