They weren’t country but I bet you know their big songs. Kid Rock was here in Tampa last night and just like him, 3 Doors Down was that band you couldn’t escape 20 years ago. They were on movie soundtracks like American Pie. They had huge hits on the radio like their biggest #1 “Kryptonite.” It’s one of those songs you always hear at karaoke night. The music video for the song (I put it at the bottom if it doesn’t ring a bell) has over 200 million views on YouTube. They were everywhere.

Three Doors Down bassist Robert Harrell won’t be on tour anytime soon. WLOX reports he just got 10 years at the Mississippi Department of Corrections after he was found guilty for having a firearm. Harrell was a convicted felon.

Back in 2013, Harrell was convicted for being under the influence of drugs in a crash that killed a man. He bonded out and got another DUI. He got 2 years in prison. At that point, the band had enough and cut ties with him.

Fast forward to this past summer. Cops responded to a domestic disturbance at Harrell’s home in June. They saw guns and drugs, according to the report. The judge gave Harrell the maximum penalty of 10 years for being a convicted felon carrying a firearm.

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