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Dang it… There goes your chance to be the next Mrs. Tatum

Rumor has it that singer Jessie J and actor Channing Tatum are in a relationship, but Jessie J isn’t saying if it’s true or not.

According to rumors, the two have been dating for a few months, and this is six months after Tatum split from his wife Jenna Dewan.

Jessie has only posted about her Christmas album recently, with no mention of the dating rumor.

A fan had no problem commenting on the rumored relationship. She posted on Twitter, “Channing Tatum and Jessie J are in the same bar as me and I just tried to take a picture and his body guard stop me quicker than I could focus my camera.”

Jessie is a singer if you didn’t know.  I had to google her… I didn’t know much about her…