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If you’re a good cook….Here is a pretty nice job… Cooking for The Queen!

Think about it… you’ve got this on your resume…you’re set for life!   If you’re a chef and you think you have what it takes to prepare meals at Buckingham Palace you now have a chance to do just that.

Buckingham Palace is now looking to hire a sous chef to plan and develop menus for the royal family and their events.

Here are some of the qualifications:  You must have a background in catering and training in classic French cuisine. If you want the job you also have to demonstrate leadership and communication skills.

The salary is not listed, but you could live in the palace with 33 days of vacation. The position is based in London, but if you’re hired you’ll have the chance to travel to other royal places…. and duh… get to hang with the royal family!!!  You could be best friends with Kate and Megan!!!

Buckingham Palace is accepting applications for the sous chef position via its website through Oct. 19, 2018…. Get on it!