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Last night on the show I brought up that it was National Fluffernutter Day. I had no idea it was a regional thing. More than HALF of you said you’d never heard of it. This was always my favorite childhood lunch growing up in Maine. And I realized I hadn’t had one since I was a kid. All of you saying you’d never heard of Fluffernutters got me worried we didn’t have Fluff in Florida. So naturally, thinking I couldn’t have one… I began to CRAVE one. The key ingredient (Fluff) is apparently made in Massachusetts. It’s simply spreadable marshmallow.

Publix for the win! (I’m told Walmart sells it too.) I was about to give Amazon $8 to ship me a tub. But this incredibly difficult recipe can be achieved in Florida. I’ll go slow so you can keep up. Ready?

Instead of jelly on your PB&J, use Fluff.

Get all that? If I went too fast, go back and start from the beginning.