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Sorry Dustin. The Mahaffey Theater doesn’t have a pool backstage. But when he plays the QYK Guitar Pull, hopefully catering will make up for it. Dustin Lynch just vlog’d what life is like backstage before a concert when his tour stopped in Baltimore.

I’ve gotta tell ya… being a DJ, I’ve been lucky to go backstage at hundreds of shows. Trust me. It’s RARELY this nice! Usually it’s catering, a few rooms you can watch TV in and that’s about it. That’s why most artists after the soundcheck and meet & greet with fans just stay on the tour bus until it’s close to showtime.

This venue is spectacular. They have a freakin’ pool with a hot tub AND a massage parlor! No wonder Dustin Lynch picked this tour stop to do a “what backstage life is like” video. Because honestly, backstage life is almost never like that!

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