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For years, McDonalds lovers would peel the Monopoly game piece off the box of french fries in hopes of finding Boardwalk or maybe a free Quarter Pounder With Cheese. But a change is coming this week.

Delish reports the new game coming this week is Halloween-themed. “Trick. Trea. Win!” begins Friday. The general idea is the same. You could tear off an instant win of something from the menu or if you’re super McLucky… a car. The artwork on the boxes and cups say 1 in 4 pieces will be a winner. Non winning pieces will include a code you can use to enter a sweepstakes-style contest.

Here are the items that will have a game piece:

  • Medium (and larger) drinks
  • Larger sandwiches like the Filet O’ Fish, Quarter Pounder
  • 10 pieces or more of Chicken McNuggets
  • The McMuffin breakfast sandwiches
  • Large french fries

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